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  • Yaming company201aa0002019“Concentric commitments for work Do the main jump”The annual meeting was held successfully


    5Month9Sunday night,Yaming food co., LTD. Held at Hilton Hotel in putian of fujian province theme“Concentric commitments for work?Do the main jump”The annual event。Yaming company all families to participate,For an annual party。??????The annual meeting of the beginning,Yaming company chairman Mr Wu Qiming published a wonderful his toast。He told the company 16 years development course,For the company2018Years of outstanding achievements are summarized,And right2019Years put forward leaping type development goals。He said,“Concentric commitments for work,Do the main jump”Are we the theme of this annual meeting,In the heart

  • Yaming company201aa0002019The annual review meeting


    2019Years5Month9On the afternoon,Hilton yaming food co., LTD in putian of fujian province is held ceremoniously201aa0002019The annual review meeting,All the staff to attend。??????In the first place,The meeting held the appointment ceremony。The eye of the yaming company with just just just just know,The sincerity of love,Relief of courage,Let's magnanimity,Only together,Offer the excellent talents。After one year of assessment,Yaming headquarters appointment:Jason hu to central China district manager,Chen Kaifan director for south China reserves,Especially JiJian as director of operations center,Guo Jianwu for production department minister,Yuan-yuan zhu for qa manager。Wu Qiming chairman

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