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Shanghai jade Hui electronic technology co., LTD., founded in1999Years

Headquarters is located in xu xing east road, minhang district of Shanghai,Two branch is located in zhenjiang city, jiangsu province2aa000Years was established(Zhenjiang outfitters photoelectric technology co., LTD)、Hubei wuhan(Outfitters photoelectric science and technology(Wuhan)Co., LTD)In2014Years was established。

- Tester -Mainly includes the high precision fiber optic test instruments
Research and development、Production、Sales
- The team -Has its own management system,Serious and responsible staff,We work together
High technology team
- After sales -Jade Hui technology accurately grasp the market direction,Efforts to develop high-tech products
Use the product in the rest easy
- The customer -Won from north and South America、Europe、East Asia、And southeast Asia and other overseas customers
Products sell like hot cakes

Shanghai jade Hui electronic technology co., LTD., founded in1999Years,Headquarters is located in xu xing east road, minhang district of Shanghai,Two branch is located in zhenjiang city, jiangsu province2aa000Years was established

PLCPlanar waveguide divider
The product name:PLCPlanar waveguide branching device sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
Wavelength division multiplexer
The product name:Wavelength division multiplexer sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
Fiber optic attenuator
The product name:Fiber optic attenuator sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
Optical fiber branching device
The product name:Optical fiber branching device sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
Optical fiber connector
The product name:Optical fiber connector sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-B410Desktop red light meter
The product name:YW-B410iTable red light meter sales calls000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-H310 Optical fiber identification device
The product name:YW-H310Fiber identification device sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-H360iOptical fiber found disabled apparatus
The product name:YW-H360iOptical fiber for disabled instrument sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-H510iOptical multimeter
The product name:YW-H510iOptical multimeter sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-H420iHandheld light source
The product name:YW-H420iHandheld light sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-H410Visible light fault locator
The product name:YW-H410Visible light fault locator sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-B380iHigh precision digital optical fiber welding machine
The product name:YW-B380iHigh precision digital optical fiber welding machine sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-B320iDesktop adjustable optical attenuator
The product name:YW-B320iDesktop adjustable optical attenuator sales calls000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-B420iTable light
The product name:YW-B420iDesktop light sales calls000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
Handheld optical power meter(YW-H620)
The product name:Handheld optical power meter(YW-H620)Product category:YW-H620Series handheld optical power meter is my company according to customer demand at home and abroad and combined with the light meter sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
PONPower meter
The product name:PONPower meter sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-B630Desktop dual channel power meter
The product name:Desktop dual channel power meter(YW-B630)Sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
Fully automaticPLCOptical device test system
The product name:Fully automaticPLCOptical device test system(YW-B340i)Sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
YW-B330iInsertion loss return loss tester
The product name:Insertion loss return loss tester(YW-B330i)Sales hotline000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00060910178
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